Norway Live 2024

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Join us 20th April

🔥 Get ready to experience the thrill of flying in one of the most beautiful regions in the world when VATSIM Scandinavia again will arrange Norway Live 2024!

🕐 This incredible event offers a 12-hour opportunity to explore the entire Norwegian airspace, with professional air traffic control (ATC) coverage provided by a team of experienced controllers.

🎁 Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting out, Norway Live promises to be an unforgettable experience. One of the unique features of Norway Live is the chance to win amazing prizes from our generous sponsors, including Orbx and Fenix Simulations.

✈️ So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for the next Norway Live event and get ready to immerse yourself in the breath-taking scenery of Norway while enjoying the thrill of flying with ATC support. Whether you're looking to sharpen your piloting skills or simply want to have fun, Norway Live is the perfect event for aviation enthusiasts of all levels. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take to the skies and explore one of the most beautiful regions in the world!

Flight suggestions

Do you need some inspiration on where to fly to or from? Check out Where2Fly, an amazing service created by one of our developers. Here you can specify your criteria like aircraft type, airlines and more - then receive suggestions for your flight.

Available stands

It's probably going to be quite packed at our airports, we recommend checking which stands are available at to avoid spawning on top of someone else.

Raffle Winners 🎉

Thank you for your participation in the raffle! The winners have been drawn and will be contacted by email. With a total of 58 tickets, the winners has been drawn:

  • 1x Fenix A320: Espen 1756179
  • 1x Orbx product of choice: Martin 1652647
  • 1x Volanta Premium (1 month): No tickets for this prize

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Last update 21st April

🎁 Giveaway Raffle

This raffle is sponsored by Fenix Simulations and Orbx with the following prizes available:

To join the raffle, you need to acquire tickets. You get a ticket for each completed flight that departs or arrives in a Norwegian aerodrome. The more tickets you have, meaning the more airports you've flown to or from in Norway, the higher your winning chance is.

This raffle will only be available 20th April between 08:00-20:00z. The winner will be announced on this page within 12-24 hours after the end.

📕 Raffle rules
  1. You must register each separate flight in the ticket registration form below to get your raffle ticket
  2. You must fly online on VATSIM at 1x speed with a flight plan
  3. The flight must depart or arrive at a Norwegian aerodrome
  4. The flight must take place Saturday 20th April between 08:00z and 20:00z
  5. The flight can not have a Cross the Pond destination airport this day
  6. The distance between departure and arrival aerodrome shall be at least 50 NM apart
  7. You need to have landed at the arrival aerodrome
  8. The winner has to reply to our email within 48 hours to acquire the prize
  9. Any attempts to cheat the system will result in disqualification and loss of tickets

* = New license only, no refunds to existing are given
** = Not 3rd parties

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